Well, I just had to change a lot of my bio to past tense — because I just graduated. I studied (emphasis on the “ed”) journalism and English at Miami University. It’s scary that all of that is in the past, that I can no longer rely on the go-to crux of  “I’m a college student.”

But here’s what is still true about me: I’m a born storyteller. And I’ve got five internships and stack full of scribbled-in notebooks to prove it.

While studying journalism and English at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, I wrote campus news for The Miami Student and later served as the Opinion Editor. Each summer I had an internship – not the coffee-fetching and pencil-sharpening kind. The kind where I worked 40+ hours and covered courts and events, logged long hours editing video and wrote dozens of stories I’m really proud of.

I’ve worked for the Lexington Herald-Leader Her Campus and I’ve also been published on, Huffington Post and in The Cincinnati Enquirer. I’m currently in Colorado Springs working as a Features Intern at The Gazette. What’s next? That’s just a part of the story.

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