“Before I die, I want to be published in the New York Times.”

Growing up in Lexington, Ky, some of my best work was idealized on hidden country roads in the middle of a long distance run. As I logged mile after mile, I dreamed of people I would interview, the newspapers where I’d see my byline and stories I could tell. All the running and dreaming led me here. I’m now in my third year at Miami University pursuing a degree in Journalism and Professional Writing. I’ve been published in the Cincinnati Enquirer, Her Campus, Huffington Post, and the Lexington Herald-Leader. I’ve also held two internships in the media field at Louisville.com and the Lexington Herald-Leader. While writing is my main thing, I also enjoy running with my cross country teammates, listening to live music, eating homemade pie and partaking in worthwhile conversations. Currently, my life is defined by journalism and English classes and sending my work to as many publications as possible to land a summer internship.
From my many experiences with blogging, magazine writing and taking on the best hard news stories, I’ve learned at least one thing – I want to do it all.

Read through some of my published work.

See my resumé.

Read my blog.

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2 thoughts on “A WRITER ON THE GO

  1. Hi Amanda,

    We had JRN 303 together over the summer and I just have to tell you I have thoroughly enjoyed keeping up with your blog! Your post about New Years Resolutions and reading more is great. Very admirable, and something I’ve been doing lately, too. Anyway, keep up the great work and good luck this semester.

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